Serenesee™ subdivisions offer aesthetically endearing communities with architecturally beautiful LEED Platinum homes at a price of living competitive to conventional subdivisions.  We incorporate the most sustainable design 

principles and products. Currently "green communities" are not able to be mainstream due tocounterproductive extremes, inferior products and charging a premium for the privilege to live in  their community. The synergy of Green Community Development and Heart Craft Homes avails communities that are the same cost as extreme CO2 ,​ nature abusive, inferior conventional urban sprawl types. Serenesee™ are even more sustainable and livable than existing'green communities' so more desirable to mainstream American families, while more profitable for investors, developers and builders. Serenesee™ incorporates every possible sustainable and family ​​friendly attribute. Contact us to maximize ROI in less time by implementing Serenesee™ in your town. Heart Craft homes are available for tract home builders in existing subdivisions. Protected territory until 90% homes sold. Customer survey 100 out of 100 "no brainer" choose Heart Craft so your subdivision sells before competitors. 

Villa Rica was concept redneck ex-mayor sabotaged. Below launching sustainable Serenesee™



Founder Focused on New Patented Companies,  now new exciting developments are now going through zoning process

Name                            Date                               Description

Mountain Stream              New Excellent Quality Mixed Use Condos/Commercial at entrance to Stone Mountain Park. 

Currently in Progress:     and

Brookhaven Bridges 2007        Designed eight lots and a $2,000,000+ home, sold to Land Conservatory for a park good profit.


Grant Park           2002           Four lot subdivision in Brookhaven $600,000+ homes. 


Gramercy Park     2000          Assembled and designed, including traffic light, this 40+ homes
                                                 Centex development, developed by Jolly Development

Anastasia Lane      2000        Four Lot subdivision and construction on private drive                                                                                                        

Brookhaven Lakes 1997           Assembled and designed 40+ lots for $1,000,000+ homes. 
                                                    Developed and built by others.

Residential Lots 1997-1998      Developed lots on W. Nancy Creek Dr. into quality homes 
W. Nancy Creek Place 1986      Subdivision $600,000+ homes. Private Drive that has not required any maintenance to date. 

Lake Potomac, Etc.    VP family real estate company 1970 – 1980’s 1,000s acres transactions and subdivisions.  

Grace Lake  Designed Subdivision and sold to developer builders 

Complete Story see Green Community Development Vita "Our Story"