Serenesee™ subdivisions offer aesthetically endearing communities with architecturally beautiful LEED Platinum homes at a price of living competitive to conventional subdivisions. We incorporate the most sustainable design principles and products. Currently "green communities" are not able to be mainstream due to counterproductive extremes, inferior products and charging a premium for the privilege to live in  their community. The synergy of Green Community Development and Heart Craft Homes avails communities that are affordably moresustainable and livable than existing'green communities' so more desirable to main stream American families, while more profitable for investors, developers and builders. Serenesee™ incorporates every possible sustainable and family ​​friendly attribute. Contact us to maximize ROI in less time by implementing Serenesee™ in your town. Heart Craft homes are available for tract home builders in existing subdivisions. Protected territory until 90% homes sold. Customer survey 100 out of 100 "no brainer" choose Heart Craft so your subdivision sells before competitors. Think Serenbe bettered affordable mainstream. 

*Villa Rica Georgia is not a place to live unless want to see everything wrong with Georgia. A neighbor privately told me, "We love Serenesee™ but Villa Rica is wrong place to try it."  I am very proud of Atlanta wisely becoming a national leader in sustainability, while so ashamed of my home state at times because of people like Mayor Jeff Reese damaging Villa Rica.  I am committed to good change per: MLK on Stone Mountain. Mayor Jeff Reese is proven to be unethical and stupid incompetent as the Georgia State legislators who had nothing better to do than passing a law to limit Tesla sales to 150 cars per year! California was making all the sales tax money as wise Georgia citizens bought from California and shipped into Georgia. That bad law was struck so now unlimited sales, just as now I have to sue Villa Rica City Mayor Jeff Reese personally for breach of fiduciary duty damaging all citizens as denied Annexation and Rezoning in political bias as we complied perfectly!  Jeff did not know what was in zoning codes they plagiarized from a progressive municipality LOL! Jeff Reese fired the good city manager who welcomed us with red carpet! Same night denied rezoning Mayor Jeff Reese disbanded the Zoning Board of Appeals despite the Board stating there was need for ZBOA and as volunteers no cost to keep check and balance in system and they liked the problem solving benefits of Serenesee™. Separated at birth: Jeff Reese and Vladimir Putin ?! The night Villa Rica Mayor Jeff Reese unethically misused his position to deny annexation and zoning, they had results from $100,000 study showing the 15,000 residents are unhappy with Villa Rica and want to be everything Serenesee™ offered. Now Villa Rica lost opportunity for jobs with a factory and to save $100,000s on construction for good new city complex (10,000Ft2 museum will be a boondoggle!) City needs tax revenue from Serenesee™  $300K homes - very high price for Villa Rica. Serenesee™ was replacing four old rental homes and four mobile homes where there were drug problems and at our own expense paying for traffic calming roundabout on main road to help solve existing traffic issues.   Recall Mayor Villa Rica Jeff Reese!  "Bhagdad Bob" Kevin Cursey created misguided opposition by ludicrous false information!  Kevin Cursey refused to meet so proved why when he was a pastor the church failed so badly he was removed and now just an unethical employee city he stupidly damaged tax revenue.

Hypocrite Jeff Reese! 

<---- Surveillance video of Jeff Reese ex-Mayor of Villa Rica, Kevin Cursey "Bahgdad Bob" and friend* meeting at a bar to discuss how to hurt all citizens of Villa Rica by denying rezoning. *(because a retired vet in respect and appreciation will not post his name but said in zoning meeting after two people called me "Mr. Buckhead" after I explained Heart Craft homes are like Tesla cars, different but superior, "Didn't Georgia outlaw Teslas?!"). On my way to meeting two semi truck car carriers loaded with Teslas were on way to Atlanta. Just like the three of y'all's wives will wisely be demanding your new home be Heart Craft, US Made and built by all US legal workers. 

Mayor Jeff Reese looking for inspiration. 

Mayor Jeff Reese contradictsCity Villa Rica website:

“Jeff believes that 'A Great Community is Measured by the Quality of Life of its Residents” and has made that his mission in life.'  About supposedly caring for kids, Jeff caused loss of  $100,000 gifting to local At Risk Youth ministries as we tithe into community. Jeff,  your kids and 4,000+ month  see this! You had chance to make Villa Rica famous but you and Bahgdad Bob Kevin Cursey have made infamous. 


Name                            Date                               Description

Mountain Stream  Current        Reinstating zoning 11 townhouses at entrance to Stone Mountain Park. 

Brookhaven Bridges 2007        Designed eight lots and a $2,000,000+ home, sold to Land Conservatory for a park good profit.


Grant Park           2002           Four lot subdivision in Brookhaven $600,000+ homes. 


Gramercy Park     2000          Assembled and designed, including traffic light, this 40+ homes
                                                 Centex development, developed by Jolly Development

Anastasia Lane      2000        Four Lot subdivision and construction on private drive                                                                                                        

Brookhaven Lakes 1997           Assembled and designed 40+ lots for $1,000,000+ homes. 
                                                    Developed and built by others.

Residential Lots 1997-1998      Developed lots on W. Nancy Creek Dr. into quality homes 
W. Nancy Creek Place 1986      Subdivision $600,000+ homes. Private Drive that has not required any maintenance to date. 

Lake Potomac, Etc.    VP family real estate company 1970 – 1980’s 1,000s acres transactions and subdivisions.  

Grace Lake  Designed Subdivision and sold to developer builders 

Complete Story see Green Community Development Vita "Our Story"