"Green is Green" (™applied)  has been a ten+ year member of Petra’s family of sustainable companies. Green is Green™ is promoting public awareness of environmental matters with all the facts and truth to help world wisely go sustainable and be freed from all unnecessary carbon production and tree destruction. We need to keep in mind that earth is the only known habitable planet within 90 LIGHT years! Meaning we are doomed if we don’t immediately do something as Green is Green™ promotes public awareness of environmental matters. What is so encouragingly good, as the logo Green Is Green shows Green with leaves by being wisely sustainable we can by Gr$$n be more profitable by replacing old methodologies and products that are polluting, high carbon & embodied energy while inferior quality. 

All experts agree there is no way to reach the required goals of lower carbon levels to prevent catastrophic climate change by only minimally reducing the amount of carbon and pollution being produced. In addition to radical implementation of practices to dramatically reduce carbon and pollution production, we must exponentially eradicate existing excesses of carbon for our children’s future lives on earth! The most effective way to transform existing carbon naturally is to save as many trees as possible because trees are God’s created transformers of CO2 to Oxygen and pollutant removing/filtering system! 

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