Coming Soon!  New   custom homes for one of greenest cities;  Austin, Texas

Truly "Tesla of homes!"  Silicon Valley  Overlooks Apple, etc.​Two mountainside executive homes with panoramic view of the valley. Perfectly situated as the "moonshot" of construction only 20 minutes to Google.Amazing view to enjoy at end of demanding day!  And now our patent pending WindWater.Solar TheBest.Solar hybrid wind solar panels so Net Positive! Betters then Tesla Solar Roofing 

Near East-West Connector and new Atlanta Brave Stadium in  Marietta, GA Three same house floor plans same shows Heart can build any look you want with our exclusive lifetime warranty. 

Two custom design homes on  large 3/4 acre cul-de-sac lots with a stream.  Private roof decks overlook beautiful, densely wooded back yards. Petra Roof™patented roof system is not standing steel seam but actually a very low embodied energy, water based, potable water runoff roofing system that is quicker to install, and superior to most asphalt shingles! And now our patent pending WindWater.Solar TheBest.Solar hybrid wind solar panels so Net Positive! 

Contemporary custom design/build, private residence.  Atlanta, GA 

The wood is actually special cement siding Rustic Series by Woodtone, the sky blue areas mirrored Fabback by Plaskolite . Net Zero/Positive with "the dope" roof top deck on private five acre lot. 

Fireproof, termite/bug proof without pesticides insulated equestrian center plans for Dahlonega, GA 

Now you can have "patented peace of mind™ fireproof even with flamable hay, grain, and wood chips everywhere. This gorgeous design has owners/caretakers residence above paddocks. ​  (Oh My God Off The Grid!) electrical power possible due to Petra solar and wind patents: WindWater.Solar  TheBest.Solar

Live/Work downstairs is 1,600Ft2 office on right and left ten car parking with handicap. Upstairs is 3,000+Ft2 executive home. Rooftop deck is entirely home with  fire pit, resistance pool, beautiful garden, gazebo. 

Beautiful rustic aesthetics and ambience yet lifetime warranty, LEED Platinum, net zero, composed of next generation materials and Zero VOC furnishings. "Living" roof top deck is hidden from street view, as are solar panels, can have fire pit grill and waterfall features. Net Positive new WindWater.Solar 

These three homes have the same floor plan to show Heart Craft can build almost everything and everything! 

Kitty Hawk house in Brookhaven, GA 

This is a Frank Betz plan morphed in to Heart Craft patent pending 2' grid system. Find any house plan by any architect and Heart Craft can work with architect to transform into "Tesla of homes" and provide exclusive warranty.Private roof top deck with fire pit/grill and waterfall. That is not normal standing steal seam roof - that is our patent pending WindWater.Solar TheBest.Solar hybrid wind solar panels so Net Positive! Betters then Tesla Solar Roofing 

We supply subdivisions for tract builders. 

Protected territory until 90% homes sold. 

Customer Discovery: 100 out of 100 "no brainer" choose Heart Craft!

Starter and Mini Home Specialists 

     Affordable comfortable class homes, remote cabins, etc. 12' ceiling main living area! Heart Craft can supply Petra GreenCrete™  structural envelope for architects and existing builders of small homes. 

Mountain Stream

Stone Mountain, GA 

Eleven townhouses have 24 hour fire walls that are almost soundproof and insulating! Exclusive lifetime warranty and net positive! Each home helps convert 30Tons climate change CO2 into clean cool oxygen! 3,200 acre park down street.  

We design/build $5+M dream homes to $50K affordable, micro/mini homes. Whatever your project, we build! Whoever your contractor and architect are, Heart Craft can serve as subcontractor supplying engineering and crews for structural envelope so you can have your dream home! 

Starter and Affordable Housing 

     Here's a riddle for an architect: one story house on slab with no garage footprint 26' x 40'. How can it have 1,300+ FT2 living area and be a 4 bedroom 2 bath and 16' high ceiling great room eating kitchen area of more than 500Ft2? LEED Platinum, Net Positive, Zero VOC for same cost of ownership as convention carbon construction?   

*Our dedicated charities include Fuller Housing, Habitat Humanity, Homes for Veterans and housing for ministries helping less fortunate but often more deserving.* 

Micro-homes specialists! Net Zero perfect for home yards and cluster homes on lots