Future of Construction

Petra GreenCrete™  betters Tesla and Solar City combined in sustainability & scaling potential: 

* What do you park a Tesla in?

* What do you put solar panels on? FORBES - click to read Petra #1


Educational Videos: Future of Construction

Exclusive Lifetime Warranty: Fireproof, Moldproof, Termite Proof,

Non-Decaying, Zero VOC and Carbon Reducing 

The "Microsoft platform/Cruise of Construction"

Heart Craft is the Tesla of homes as Elon Musk explains why Heart Craft is so important: click  

​Petra has better potential than Tesla & Solar City combined to reduce global warming

Incomparable Superior Quality and All Important Reduces Global Warming: click

As an Impact/Philanthropic company Petra has 10% of net profits after investor ROI dedicated to 

bettering and ​saving lives and our planet. 

Patented peace of Mind™

Vastly superior  with exclusive lifetime warranty at the same cost of ownership as passé CO2. We are UL Listed, Building Code Approved, university study &  expert validated. Crew of 5 U.S. citizens dries in house in <1/2 time at tract home prices.

The Equation 

Like aerodynamics for a race car, Embodied Energy is the primal coefficient for IPAT formula. Petra GreenCrete™ has the lowest embodied energy quotient and is exponential by directly facilitating the transformation of  CO2 into cooling, healthy oxygen reducing global warming! 

People and environment 

We are experts in innovative land planning and design. We  maximize UPA yield while working cooperatively within healthy boundaries of creation. We are not tree hugging extremists, but rather wise stewards maximizing profits via the balance  of UPA, sustainability, livability. 

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website implementing the "Microsoft platform of construction" software technology.

Customer survey 100 out of 100 people "no brainer" choose Heart Craft vs. passé.
Tract home builders have a LEED Platinum subdivision at same cost in less time! 

Are you building a new home or building? Fire burn house? Tell architect, builder, insurance  to use Petra GreenCrete™ for Heart Craft structural envelope so you can have TheBestHome.com! The healthiest home in the world, Zero VOC, all natural ingredients and HEPA filter on smog alert day you can have healthy, clean air.  Health Article  Builder below: